Why Wayne Rooney Is Key To England’s Hopes Of Doing Well In Euro 2016

// Published April 3, 2016 by content

Despite not having the best of seasons in the EPL, one player that holds the key to the success of the Three Lions in Euro 2016 is Wayne Rooney.

The Manchester United and England international forward remains one of the most influential players in Europe.

His presence in the Three Lions would go a long way to boost the chances of the English team as they seek to make their qualification count. In what could be described as one of the player’s worst seasons since joining the Red Devils from Everton; Rooney has struggled to maintain form—drawing criticism from a lot of pundits. Yet, none would ignore the fact that the Evertonian commands a lot of respects among his colleagues on and off the field.

Despite struggling for form, the striker retained his shirt all through the qualifying stages; an indication to the fact that there is more to being a footballer than just scoring goals. Rooney’s presence in Roy Hodgson’s team during the qualifier robbed off positively on the younger players. This ensured that the Three Lions maintained an unbeaten run during the qualifying process.

His commanding presence in the Three Lions team is expected to spur the team to greater heights.

Loved by supporters of the Red Devils and hated by fans of the opposing teams in the English Premier League; the captain of the Red Devils remains a force to be reckoned with.

Defender’s nightmare, and perhaps, one of the most decorated players in the current Manchester United team; Wayne Rooney still has more to offer England than most of his critics admit.

England has a lot of young players coming through the ranks these days; and the manager could do his world a lot of good by reserving a place for Wayne Rooney.

While Rooney may not have much to prove to his critics as far as club football is concerned; the player’s international career is still awaiting its first major honour…