// Published May 1, 2012 by isport

Rangers administrator David Whitehouse has said that he is looking forward to getting a much improved bid from Blue Knights, who was one of the parties interested in buying Rangers, in the next few weeks.

Brian Kennedy has just joined Blue Knights in the attempts to get control of the Rangers.

Whitehouse has said that both parties should be more focused on bringing out a bid that is acceptable by the creditors. He also said that Miller’s bid as of now is the only suitable bid for the creditors, but it is not acceptable due to regulatory clearance issues.

American tycoon Miller looking forward to getting the clearance from the Scottish football league that Rangers will not be facing a 10 point on the next season. Rangers have already been penalised 10 points for going into administration this season. As a result, they have lost out on the title to Celtic.

It is thought that Miller has submitted a bid that is significantly better than the one submitted by Blue Knights. There have been rumours that the bid submitted by Blue Knights is valued at around £13 million, but David Whitehouse has rejected such rumours by saying that the figure is significantly lower than the amount.

“Both parties know the bid has got to be commercially at a level which would be acceptable to creditors. Bill Miller’s bid is acceptable at that level. The only barrier to Bill Miller’s bid is regulatory clearance. We are hopeful that, within a very short space of time, the assurances that Bill Miller needs in relation to his bid can be delivered by the relevant authorities. We would hope that, at the very early part of next week, Bill Miller’s bid will be clarified whether he can proceed or not,” Whitehouse told BBC Scotland.