// Published March 7, 2014 by isport

Celtic and Rangers have enjoyed a nine title record, which is likely to be broken this year with Celtic winning the 10th title. However, Rangers manager Ally McCoist has revealed that he has larger issues to be worried about right now.

McCoist is one of the players to hold the famous nine titles. Ian Ferguson and Richard Gough are the others. Rangers achieved this feat between 1989 and 1997. However, there are currently languishing in the second division of Scottish football, although the situation was much worse 12 months ago.

They were demoted to the third division, but they have since managed to get themselves promoted. Rangers are favourites to get back into the first division next season. McCoist has stated that he cannot do nothing about Celtic getting this record – for at least 24 months. He says that Rangers are going through a very tough period in the history that they possibly cannot think about other aspects than themselves. McCoist has also said that Rangers are quite far away from reclaiming the Scottish Premier league title and it is Celtic’ title to enjoy for the next few years at least.

Rangers have a 24 point advantage in the league over Dunfermline.

“Of course it would hurt – but for the next 24 months there’s nothing I can do about it. In the grand scheme of things our concerns are very much the last 24 months and the next 24 months. That’s the most important thing. We can’t forget what happened, we can’t let it happen again, and we have to keep rebuilding. Do we have more to worry about than a statistic? Yes but I don’t want to use it flippantly, as if I’m not doing my job,” said McCoist.
Rangers have not suffered a defeat in all competitions since August 2013.