Sunderland Bids For Buckley

// Published August 11, 2014 by content

Sunderland is willing to buy the English youngster Will Buckley and they have even bid for him, but, there is no certainty that they would be able to grab the services of the player as there is one other club which is in this race and that is West Bromwich Albion.
It’s Gus Poyet only, the current Sunderland boss, who had signed Buckley at Brighton. He likes the playing style of the 24-year old a lot and he wants to unite with him once again, this time at the Stadium of Light.
Poyet is ready to pay 2.5 million Pounds for the transfer of Buckley, but, Brighton wants a little more than that. They are rumoured to be demanding about 3 million. West Brom is also supposed to be going to place a bid for the winger pretty soon.
Buckley has already completed a century of appearances at Brighton. In the last 3 seasons, he has played a total of 107 matches there finding the back of the net 19 times.
Meanwhile, the Blacks cats seem to be undecided over the Italy international Fabio Borini.
Borini had been at Sunderland on loan last season and having enjoyed himself quite a lot there during his stint, he is keen for a permanent deal now. But, he’s had some fitness issues because of which the Sunderland management is tentative to bring him in on a permanent basis. He might be signed on loan again though for the 2014-15 Season.
Speaking about Borini the other day, Gus Poyet said, “We have an eye on his injury. We are assessing him. Let’s see.”
“There have been no talks as yet (about the deal), that I can assure you.”
Borini is presently a player of Liverpool FC.