// Published July 26, 2012 by isport

Rangers manager Ally McCoist has said that the club will come back a much stronger outfit as they look to start their life in the bottom division of Scottish football with a victory.

Rangers have been relegated to the bottom of the Scottish football three after being overloaded with debts of around £ 150 million. After being put into administration, they started life as a new company. All the members of the Scottish Premier league and the Scottish football league voted the club to be demoted to the bottom of the three as with any other case of a newly formed company.

Out of the 30 clubs that were voting on the decision, 29 clubs were against Rangers continuing in the Scottish Premier league. As a result, they were relegated to the Division Three of Scottish football. Ally McCoist has said that it is indeed a very dark day for the club, but has said that he hopes the club will be able to learn from the mistakes and comeback much stronger. It is going to be at least three seasons until the next old firm derby takes place. It remains to be seen if Rangers will be able to take their full strength back.

“Clearly, starting again from the bottom league is not ideal and makes the task of rebuilding Rangers a longer one. I fully accept the decision and thank them for allowing us into the SFL. I fully supported the fans’ views that starting again in Division Three maintains the sporting integrity that the SPL clubs were so keen on. The SPL clubs and the SFA have made their positions clear over the last few weeks and it remains to be seen what the long-term effects of their decisions will be,” said McCoist about the decision to place Rangers in the bottom division.