// Published January 4, 2012 by isport

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has said that Rangers should not be disregarded after the 1-0 defeat that helped Celtic move up to the top of the table.

Rangers made a fantastic start to the season and enjoyed a 15 point advantage over Celtic at one point. However, Celtic have been able to close the gap partially through the poor form of Rangers in the last few weeks and also partly because of their excellent form.

Still, Neil Lennon says that Rangers should not be discounted as a threat because they have the capability to catch Celtic. Despite moving to the top of the table, Celtic do not have a great deal of advantage over Rangers.

The only have a three point advantage over Rangers. Joe Ledley scored the second half winner against Rangers, which helped Celtic move ahead of Rangers in the table. There have been a lot of predictions that Rangers would not be able to sustain the same kind of momentum that they had at the start of the season. It is soundly reflected by the poor form they have had in recent weeks. The recent run of 10 points from a maximum possible 21 has left Celtic at the top of the table.

However, Neil Lennon has said that Rangers will be capable of staying in touch or even moving past Celtic and they should be warned. ‘I think we have come a long way in a short space of time. But Rangers are a top team and have been for a few years. They have a great mentality, so we have to be very wary. They are a very good side, and that gets overlooked in all the criticism that surrounds both teams at times,’ he told a Scottish tabloid after the hugely impressive 1-0 win.