// Published November 15, 2012 by isport

The Rangers manager Ally McCoist has said that the criticism of the players who have moved to Rangers from the Scottish Premier league is unwarranted. Rangers have been able to spend on a number of high profile players in the transfer window, despite being relegated to the third division of Scottish football.

There has been accusations on the players that they have decided to sacrifice the ability to play in the Scottish Premier league for the money available with Rangers in the third division of the Scottish football. However, Ally McCoist has said that the players have not moved to Rangers only for the money.

David Templeton has become the latest big-name signing for Rangers, who are looking to get back into the top flight as soon as possible. The club was relegated to the third division of Scottish football after the parent company was liquidated due to heavy debts and unpaid taxes. Despite their relegation, Rangers still remain a huge club with a huge fan following and a regular high-level matchday income. This has allowed them to spend extraordinary amounts of money when compared with the other clubs in the same division. Many have criticised the players who have moved to Rangers despite this scenario.

“They have been accused of going for the money, which is absolute nonsense. And, even if it was the case, they are quite entitled to do so because, in any other profession or walk of life, you would look after your family. Anyone who would question people coming to this club were perhaps not at the game last Sunday, when there were 46,000 reasons to come to this club. The support that they have shown this club is absolutely remarkable,” said the manager from the official website of the club to defend his players.