// Published January 16, 2013 by isport

The Rangers manager Ally McCoist has said that he is in favour of complete shutdown of the football during winter. The United Kingdom is one of the few places in Europe where football is constantly played even during Christmas and New Year.

Rangers will be playing against Elgin during the weekend, as all the Scottish clubs continue to play even during January. However, the Scottish Premier league clubs will be enjoying a two-week break from the fixture list, which is not the ideal solution according to the Rangers manager. He has said that every club should be having the same intensity over the course of the season.

McCoist is against the idea of different rules being applied to different levels of the game in the same country. He has said that whilst Scottish Premier league enjoy a break, it is unfair for the other division clubs to be playing football during this period. He has said that it will give the Scottish Premier league clubs an unfair advantage when it comes to the cup competitions. Rangers have been able to make huge leap towards getting promoted to the Scottish second division after they currently enjoy a 17 point advantage due to an impressive run of form in the last two months.

Rangers have won all the matches since the turn of November. “Yes, I do. But that’s Scottish football. Some people get a rest and others don’t. If we want to have a winter break, then Scottish football should have a winter break. Once again, we find we’re not singing from the same hymn sheet. That is the thing I don’t understand. There are all these different things going on and we don’t seem to be united,” said McCoist. Rangers will be playing against Scottish Premier league opponents Dundee United in the Scottish cup.