Mark Wilson believes that Joey Barton should have kept his comments Aside

// Published July 16, 2016 by content

Former Celtic midfielder Mark Wilson believes that Joey Barton should have kept his comments about current Celtic midfielder Scott Brown to himself.

Barton recently joined Rangers on a free transfer after having decided to leave Burnley despite the club securing promotion to the Premier league. Barton had played a major role in the Championship club’s success during the 2015-16 campaign. He seems to have found the joy of playing, which seemed to have deserted him only a few years ago. After joining Rangers on a two-year contract, Barton tried to get fans support immediately.

He made some controversial comments about Scott Brown after comparisons were made immediately after his move to Rangers was announced. Brown is one of the important players at Celtic and has been a major factor in the club winning the last few league titles. Rather than being respectful, Barton openly claimed that he was a much better player than Brown and he found the comparisons as baseless. Such comments show a lack of respect and will only act as a motivation for Brown, according to Wilson. After having been a former teammate of Brown, Wilson claims that the Celtic midfielder is not the one to take such comments easily.

The old firm derby resumes in a big way for the 2016-17 season, as Rangers have returned to the top flight after several years.“People keep talking about Joey Barton and Scott Brown. He ain’t in my league. He is nowhere the level I am as a player. He can’t get to me,” said Barton.“I don’t think Scott will react publicly because he doesn’t really say much in the press.But on the pitch, he’ll definitely have it on his mind in the first Old Firm game. Without a doubt,” said Wilson about the potential response from Brown.