Clint Hill will improve Rangers defence according to Neil Warnock

// Published August 14, 2016 by content

Neil Warnock has stated that Clint Hill will be a good signing for Rangers. He believes that the defender will contribute to improving a Rangers defence that has been guilty of conceding some cheap goals last season.

There are some reports that Hill is currently in discussion with Rangers about a possible move next season.

It is believed that Rangers might be interested in signing the former QPR defender on a one-year deal. The player who is currently 37 years old will be keen to end his career in the Scottish Premier League. Warnock, who has managed Hill both at QPR and Crystal Palace, said that Hill is the kind of player that Rangers need if they want to challenge for the title next season. He said that the former QPR player is a professional and will do everything he can in order to help his team win.

Warnock believes that a player like Clint Hill will not only be good for Rangers on the pitch but also off the pitch. He thinks that the experience that Hill had can be beneficial for Rangers’ younger players and that they will definitely improve by having such a player around them.

Neil Warnock believes that Rangers have good players that can pass the ball around and keep possession well. But he thinks that if you want to challenge for the title you need to have a player like Clint Hill that will be prepared to fight for a result.

He believes that Rangers should not look at his age since he is a player that has always been on top physically. However, he thinks that they need to manage him well and have a proper training regime for him in order to keep him in form.